Apr 11, 2018
Randal Avolio SEE International President & CEO

Randal Avolio, President/CEO of SEE International, is an Executive Operations

Strategist who has achieved high levels of success by utilizing his operations

management expertise to transform multi-million-dollar medical enterprises from

underachieving organizations into state-of-the-art industry leaders.

Over a three-decade career working for several world-class medical facilities in senior

management positions, Randal has learned how to consistently exceed financial targets

while simultaneously creating long-term sustainability through implementation of

creative and effective operations management strategies. He believes that the most

enduring results come from assembling the right team of people, identifying operational

inefficiencies and creating company-wide commitment to a unified, collective vision

through consensus building, partnerships and mentoring.

Randal's extensive healthcare background has provided SEE with the opportunity to

explore new avenues of programmatic growth. When Randal joined SEE, it had been

struggling both organizationally and financially. Collaborating with SEE’s Board of

Directors, Randal developed a plan to stabilize and revive the organization through

strategic reinvestment in its future. Since then, SEE has not only regained its financial

security, but has also tripled its revenue and programmatic impact. Now Randal is

preparing to lead the organization to new heights.