Inspiring Foster Youth
Oct 16, 2019 12:10 PM
Regan Williams
Inspiring Foster Youth

Many people know there are close to 30 thousand children in foster care in our city. What many people don’t know are the hardships those children face if permanancy in a stable environment is not achieved. These children grow up to be young adults, and if they experienced group homes or multiple foster home placements, the likelihood of them being successful in adulthood is greatly diminished. 

It’s not just about getting these young people jobs or educations, it’s about helping them keep their jobs and complete their education. This takes more effort and time than a simple resume building class. We need to re-think how former foster youth heal from trauma and learn skills expected of them in the workplace. 

That’s what Seen & Heard is all about.

Our mission is this: To develop the professional character of youth exiting foster care through performing arts training. Youth who have lived in multiple homes or group homes are simply not given the same opportunity to cultivate the kind of “soft skills” or “EQ” that employers expect today. There is so much more to be done for a population who has essentially been left behind. We believe the arts have the unique abillity to propel individuals forward. Person by person, we have the ability to change families, communities and eventually our city.

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