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Vocational Service
The Vocational Service Committee has three major areas for service.  They are Ethics, Reading and Math Literacy, and Vocational Service.
Rotary membership commits one to practice high ethical standards in the conduct of one's business dealings. The Rotary Four-Way Test is the standard which we strive to achieve.  
We feel that the display of the Rotary Four-Way Test in the offices of our members will help promulgate the high ethical standards which Rotary members strive to achieve.
Literacy is another major concern. Seventy percent of students in the third grade in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area are deficient in reading ability, and almost 50 percent of adults are not sufficiently literate to complete an employment application.  Our literacy projects include the Rotary Reads Program which is the granting of a gift certificate to each of six elementary school libraries for the purchase of books and having Rotary members volunteer their time to read a story to one or more of the 112 classes of children in pre-school through second grade categories to instill in the children a strong desire to read the books that are available to them.  To encourage excellence in vocational skills, our club is looking to offer cash prizes to high school winners in arts contest from local high schools.
We also plan events to honor and express our appreciation for those in our city working in service to the public.  This includes cash awards to teachers being honored for outstanding performance in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Outstanding service recognition awards are made to top performers in the Police and Fire Departments at the annual Guns N’ Hoses luncheon event.